Alert when you install facebook research app 🖐

You installed facebook research app ?
But do you know about this app ?

I know you you getting this information 👇
About this application 👇

Facebook Research App give rewards for just keep it install in your mobile. It run in background.The research app will be generating statistics about how participants use their phone and mobile apps to improve the user experience.

This research project is handle by uTest i.e. Applause. uTest is big name so do not worry about app. Moreover its giving $5 for keep app installed and more than Rs.5000 if you do only 5 refer.You can do more refer to earn more. Its giving $10 Per Month for every invite till he remain active.

Android Mobile with Android 6.0 or above version or Apple mobile with iOS version of 8.0 or above
Paypal Verified Id to get payment. (You can create paypal id later also)
Invite is require to join this research app. (We will invite you for this app)

But do You know this application is hack your private mobile information

Like contact, Call logo, Msg, Your location, And this app can use your camera in background and it can take your photo also, 

All your gallery photos and videos also can hack,

It means this application use your mobile totally in background

So think about this Befor you use this application 👍
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