voice search mic icon Button is missing on the youtube, Keyboard

YouTube voice search mic icon Button is missing or won't work

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Friends, you have to search by speaking anything on YouTube. Or in a Keyboard or browser, But you can't find voice search mic button in YouTube and keyboard. And because of this we are unable to search by speaking. So how to fix this problem We will know in this post. How do we get this voice search mic button back,

First solution

Google voice search stops. Mean to become disabled. Yes friends, Whenever your Google voice search app is closed for some reason. Then your voice search button disappears from everywhere

Google voice search app stops for three reasons,

First reason : Google voice search is disabled in application settings
Second reason : Google voice search not updated

How to enable google voice search app ? Or Update

  • First of all you have to go to your Mobile Play Store App
  • After that you have to write Google in the Search Box and Touch On search Button
  • After that you will see Google's app, you have to touch it
  • After that, Open or Update will be written in the app
  • If you touch on open, then Google voice search will be enabled.
  • If you touch on update then Google voice search will be enabled by updating

Second solution

 Third reason : Permission for microphone has been closed for that application

How to allow applications for microphone ?

  • Mi Mobile Go To Setting>>Apps>>Permission>>App Permission>>Microphone permissions>>touch On App>>Enable Microphone
  • Oppo Mobile Go To Setting>>Additional Settings>>Application Management>>All>>Find YouTube>>Permission Monitor>>Enable Microphone
  • Vivo Mobile go to Settings>More settings>Applications>All>(Apps)>Permissions,

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