Difference, Optical Zoom vs. Digital Zoom vs. Hybrid Zoom how it work

What is the Difference Between Optical Zoom vs Digital Zoom vs Hybrid Zoom

You know what a zoom is. Something far away. Getting closer with the help of camera technology
If you are using a smartphone then you must have heard about digital zoom, And if you use digital camera means DSLR, then you must have heard about optical zoom And I will tell you what is different in them. And nowadays the phones that come like Mat 20 pro, you will also get to see a Hybrid Zoom, so what is the difference between these three, this is a new technology Hybrid Zoom. What is this? So I will tell you about these three in this post. If you read this post completely, you will know what is the difference between these three and who is the best.

 Here you will see three types of zoom, Optical, Digital and Hybrid Zoom

What is optical zoom and what is it called and how it works ?

Optical zoom uses actual lenses to zoom, And that's why you get good image quality, Optical zoom is only available for digital cameras and DSLR. optical zoom using the actual lens installed in the camera, the picture is seen by bringing it closer to the real, And because of this your image comes very clear and shows the image in the same size which is a picture without zoom. The one that zooms the picture with the help of lens is called optical zoom, this optical zoom is considered better than the other zoom.

What is Digital zoom and what is it called and how it works ?

The image that is being made in it, the frame you are seeing, you are zooming in it means that you are scaling it up. So it will be seen zooming, if you scale its frame from the center, then your image is bigger. But here comes a problem, it becomes big but it becomes blur, that means it starts bursting, it does not look clear, we have this problem in digital zoom. Now the smartphone tries to fix it with the help of software. But they do not make it so well that they look clear. So when you take a picture from a smartphone by zooming. So it is not good that you take it without zoom. So this is the difference between optical and digital zoom here.

What is Hybrid zoom and what is it called and how it works ?

 Hybrid Zoom has come out with another new technology, which is given in Mate 20 Pro, and it will be given in many smartphones, although this technology is old, super resolution is a technology, from which this technology has come, Here we can do Hybrid Zoom with the help of two cameras provided in the mobile, which is your main camera, it will take the normal photo and the other camera is when you zoom up to 5x or 10x and when you click for the photo There, 4 to 5 images will be captured simultaneously in different frames. With the help of a powerful software, all these frames will be combined to create an HD (High Definition) image, Here you will get good image quality up to 5x but when you zoom up to 10X then you will get to see blur and noise, Hybrid Zoom is better than Digital Zoom, but still Optical Zoom is better than Hybrid Zoom, For this reason Optical Zoom is better than Hybrid zoom and Digital Zoom


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